Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dona Nobis Pacem

My best friend Starr Ann happened to walk by my computer yesterday just as I clicked on the Zogby Poll link.

She said, "Margo, the election's over. Why are you checking for poll results?"

I tried to cover. "Um, did I hit Zogby? I meant to check the weather."

Starr Ann let the incident pass, but she had that one look on her face that meant she wasn't really letting it pass.

By noon, I had to admit that I wasn't making a smooth transition from bitterness and bile to calm acceptance of hope.

Then, I realized Blog Blast for Peace Day was almost upon us. You know, a few weeks ago, I had wondered if the timing this year, with Peace Globe day falling just two days after this extraordinary election, would be like having your birthday fall during Christmas week. But now that we're here, I think the timing must have been Goddess approved.

What more graceful way to begin our journey from the mindset of the last 8 years than to saturate our thoughts with the meaning of peace and to spend the next few days reading among the thousands of amazing Dona Nobis Pacem posts?

Starr Ann has taken charge of my campaign withdrawal. She says that every time I reflexively try to check the news, I'm supposed to go to my Dona Nobis Pacem search results instead. I can't wait to get started.

As for my own thoughts on Peace this day? I'm trying to reconcile the hope in my heart over President Obama's election with my despair over the plight of those who won't make it to see whether he lives up to our incredibly high expectations - new refugees in the Congo who aren't going to make it, American troops who are yet to be killed, all the species that aren't going to make it - the list could go on far longer than we have time for here.

But Starr Ann and I will keep reminding ourselves of the Osiris myth - the one where the main goal in life is to make it through with a light heart - and in that spirit, we'll allow our souls to soak up the peace while scanning the horizon for ways to spread the joy around.

Okay, that's it. I'm off to check out the Zog-, I mean my Dona Nobis Pacem search results.