Thursday, October 25, 2007

Radio Nights

My best friend Starr Ann (hi, Starr Ann) can work miracles when it comes to slowing life down and savoring the good stuff.

Like tonight. Tonight at 10pm EST, one of our sheros will be interviewed on Blogtalk Radio and Starr Ann has it all planned out how we're going to make it a real occasion.

That's right! Mimi Lenox, creator of Peace Globes and Blogging for Peace, will be on Doctor Anonymous Live. And we get to call in questions and everything.

So here's what Starr Ann has planned. Of course Jodie will be there. And at this very moment, Starr Ann is riding over to Lori Hahn's ranch (wonder what Lori's gonna call her place?) to invite her over to listen with us. Starr Ann says we'll make a nice fire in the fireplace, bake a cake and have a big pot of chili, rev up the PC, and sit back to hear Mimi discuss Blog For Peace Day (November 7) and all the great people she has met since coming up with her stunning idea.

Starr Ann says she's going to cover the PC with the beautiful abaya a friend stationed in Iraq sent to us. Starr Ann thinks the PC will ruin the ambience created by the fire and covering it might make things more cozy. I agree with that. And Starr Ann is kinda unerring when it comes to setting a mood.

We really hope Lori comes over. It's going to be almost like an L-Word party. Without the pathos. Or the too-skinny ladies acting all disinterestedly cool and aloof, yet urgent and edgy. And without the slithery love scenes, which I tend to close my eyes during, since I happen to think that if sex were really like that, I might just pass. And before you tell me I'm crazy, I'll just say I've already been told that. By most of the other people at the real L-Word parties. I get a lot of, "But just loooook at Bette." And this: "Do NOT tell me you'd kick Carmen out of bed." And, "If you don't find Alice hot, well, then I just don't know about you." Okay, so here's my take on the whole thing. They're too skinny, damn it. And they're shallow, in a deeply angsty sort of way. Plus, don't even mention that blonde one, the one marinated in semen, what's her name, Tina. Then once the other L-Word partiers back me into a corner and I blurt out that I have fantasies about Shane, they step back one step to give me room to expand on that. So, since I refuse to lie, I tell them. It goes like this. I like to imagine Shane and me just hanging out. Drinking beer. Playing pool. Roaming around, finding fun stuff to do. And we're at this one bar, listening to this really good band, and we hook up with Tina Fey. And she decides to hang with us. Right about then, all the L-Word partiers think the scenario is getting to the good part. That's when I have to tell them that nothing sexual happens. We just hang out. Ride around (Tina Fey drives, because she isn't having any of the beer). At that point, I have disgusted everybody to the point that they back away from me and begin the After L-Word festivities. You know what they are. Endless replays of that black underpants dance Carmen did for Shane a coupla seasons ago.

Anyway, I hope a whole lot of us lefty bloggers end up listening to Mimi tonight.