Friday, October 10, 2008


Yesterday, my best friend Starr Ann (hi, Starr Ann) spotted a little ray of profitability in there among all the dark economic news. We were dangling our feet over the edge of the creek bridge, watching minnows and listening to the water, when Starr Ann jumped up and said she had an idea. Cut-to-the-chase genius that she is, Starr Ann had all of a sudden realized that a certain type of photograph is in real hot demand these days. That's right. Media outlets are ravenous right now for shots of stock brokers in full drama queen mode.

Starr Ann practically dragged me back to the house, where she dug out her art supplies and made up a bunch of realistic backdrops like this one:

And this one:

Then Starr Ann had me help her load the backdrops and all of her photography gear in the pickup and drive to a vacant parking lot downtown, where we put out a sign that said: Male Models Wanted - Must Have Suit (Or At Least Wear A Tie)

Starr Ann gave each model the same instructions. She told them to imagine they were money hungry banker types who cared more about money than just about anything, and then to pretend they'd just lost a whole bunch of it.

This guy caught on right away

Starr Ann couldn't keep these two focused on anything but each other

Ronald (below) kept posing like this and screaming "Elaine!" at the top of his lungs

I thought this backdrop was awesome, but Starr Ann's such a perfectionist, she said it needs work

Angela wanted to give it a try, but 'greedy trader' just isn't in her repertoire

It's not in Evan's either

Nor in Chad Anthony's, but he was able to flame his way through it

Anyway, we had a real fun afternoon and made a lot of new friends, not to mention the fact that we have quite a few nice shots Starr Ann thinks she can sell at outrageous prices to the big online news sites. We feel like they look pretty authentic, but we're previewing them here to see if anybody spots anything fake or amateurish about them, which we don't think you will, but still.