Friday, November 2, 2007

Bot Egg Brat

My best friend Starr Ann (hi, Starr Ann) is a horrid little brat.

Know why I'm late getting a post up today? Because Starr Ann changed my password right before she left to go check the filtration systems in all her underground bunkers. Took me 45 minutes to guess the new Blogger password. She'd changed it to boteggs69. Uh. Hang on a second. Don't try out that password or anything before I get back.

Okay, all good.

Anyway, you know how passwords tend to stem from what you have on your mind at the time you set them? Well, since Starr Ann was scraping bot eggs off the legs of her trusty steed Oatmeal this morning, I thought I'd try boteggs as the root of the password. And she always adds 69 at the end. Thinks that's real funny.

Now I've fixed her good. She'll probably suspect I used some combination of the terms lust, pert, and Tina Fey for the new word. Don't ask why she'll think that.

But being a tricky cowgirl, I threw Starr Ann a real curve and went with CurvaliCious69. Hang on a second. Don't try that or anything before I get back.


Anyway, let's just say I threw her a curve and went with *************.

And over the next few days, until Starr Ann guesses the new key, I might just post a series called My Best Friend Starr Ann's Most Embarrassing Moments. That's right! I believe it's time a certain cute cowgirl (hi, Starr Ann) learned that tricks are fine, but you don't mess with Margo. Heh.