Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Finest One

Late yesterday afternoon, Starr Ann rode out for Jodie's place just a few minutes after Lane and Amanda left for their apartment. Yes, they're calling it their apartment.

Thinking I was in for a quiet evening, I started cleaning the stalls early. I know I've said it here before, but swear to the Goddess, mucking stalls is pure meditative bliss. So I'd just reached those smooth mental waters where fantasy glides with no effort, skims along on its own, when I heard horses approaching.

Starr Ann was back, and she brought a surprise with her! Intercepted a lesbian Pirate Queen, she did. That's right! Cap'n Dyke dropped anchor here last night.

"Holy Goddess, My Fine One! How long has it been since we had you all to ourselves?"

"Too long, Me Magnificent." Cap'n finished removing Plunder's bridle and gave Starr Ann a wink. "Th'Mighty Heart Rustler tells Th'Cap'n the two of Ye've a Wee One about An' she's temptin' Th'Fates o'War."

"Yes, I wish Lane were here. I'd try to sweet talk you into taking her hostage on Th'Mound until our good old country wakes up and stops pillaging"

Cap'n shook her head as she flipped some stray strands of Plunder's matte black mane over to the right side. "Aye, Me Meltable, that could be quite tiresome Th'Wait."

Starr Ann was so enthused to have the Cap'n here, you could tell she didn't want to spend time talking about what we all agreed on anyway. She threw her best Starr Ann bear hug on the Cap'n. They sure did look cute. There's something about a Pirate Queen getting all blushy that just makes you grin. Then I think the plunder came out of the pirate, because Starr Ann jumped kinda quick and did her high-pitched, surprised-but-delighted sound. Love when that happens.

So I ended up getting lots of help with the stalls. And as we left the barn, walking up toward the house, Cap'n froze in her boot tracks. She stood there, mesmerized by Starr Ann's candle that glowed in the windowsill.

"You okay, My Finest?"

"Aye, Me Margo. What a lovely Flickerglow on th'windowsill. Makes Th' Cap'n wish that someone did th'self-same for Her Self. What a wonderous feelin' t'know someone was wishin' one t'see th'flickerglow waitin' an' a Fine Woman along with th'Same."

"How about two women? Starr Ann and I send beautiful candlelight your way always, you know."

Cap'n smacked her thigh. "Well Held, Me Danger Girl."

Before long, we were warm and full of good supper. Starr Ann brought out a fresh taper and held it to the candle burning in our windowsill. When the taper took flame, she shielded it with her hand and carried it to the Cap'n.

Starr Ann said, "Yours, Cap'n, so you remember us out there on your high seas."

My first thought was that it's probably pretty dangerous to burn candles on a pirate ship. Yeah, I know. I've been accused of ruining good moments before. Anyway, it must not be altogether against ship safety rules, because Th'Cap'n is indeed burning her candle in a windowsill on Th'Mound. It looks magical out there in the deep sea darkness.