Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not Again This Year

For the last few years, Starr Ann gets in a real testy mood as Memorial Day approaches. It's because we know the mainstream media is once again going to allow this administration to trot out their boy for another two-faced, insulting display of solemnity and compassion over our country's fallen soldiers.

This year, Starr Ann's come up with an idea. And she has asked me to enlist the help of anybody who happens to read The Starr Ann Chronicles.

Here's the deal. Tomorrow, we target every hypocritical article we can find that shows President Bush feigning sorrow at Memorial Day ceremonies.

First, make up a template of your general remarks, and be sure to stress your objection to the media's part in this administration's annual charade.

Next, be sure to copy and paste your prepared opinion into the comments section of the articles you find (especially those articles run by local media) or into an email when commentary isn't available.

For extra added value, you can take a few seconds to customize each comment by copying and pasting into your statement a line or two from the specific article you're criticizing.

Jodie, Starr Ann and I have made a pact to each visit 10 separate publications and leave a strong protest about the travesty of this lying, cheating, war-for-oil president being allowed full rein to play pious, compassionate leader on Memorial Day.

We really hope some of you think this is a good idea and will join in.