Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring Sprucing Up

Storms last night and Starr Ann's having cleaning fits. Must be springtime. Anyway, our electricity went out for a while, and that never fails to remind me of when Starr Ann and I were little. First time we lost electricity at the orphanage after Starr Ann got there, I ran down for her the list of all the things that wouldn't work until the lights came back on - no toaster for the nuns to make our breakfast, no washing machine, no refrigerator, and no toilet flushing. Yep, Starr Ann was so little, she fell for it when I told her we couldn't flush the toilets without electricity.

One spring when a big storm hit, Sister Blissie Marie found Starr Ann all bunched up in bed, trying to hold it. Well, Sister Blissie was the type to get to the bottom of things, so she eventually worked the truth loose from little Starr Ann and hustled her off to the bathroom right away. I clearly recall my punishment for telling that tiny lie. I had to be Sister's right hand girl for spring cleaning that year.

So anyway, those storms last night aren't the only reminder that spring is really here. Starr Ann's been tornadoing through everything in sight. She's cleaning, spiffing, cozying, and fluffing. It's what springtime does to her. Poor thing.

This year, instead of feeling guilty for not having the spring cleaning gene, I've decided to tidy up a few things here at the Chronicles. Yep. I've updated the Posse list for one thing.

And since you can never have too many good women riding alongside you, we're real happy about gaining three new Posse members.

JoeyJo over at Soon to be Discovered and Sallyride, her Lipizzan, will be riding with us from now on, Nina will be cantering in from Closer to Fine on her gray speckled horse Tumbledown, and our great friend CJ from Current Jam is looking for the perfect steed.

Hi JoeyJo, Nina and CJ! Feel free to pick out and display one of the Posse buttons on the right. If you want to. By the way, here's my chance to thank Lori from Hahn at Home for coming up with those most excellent Posse buttons. Starr Ann and I love us some Lori.

Let's welcome these fine women to The Posse and hope their first ride with us isn't too death defying. But you never know.