Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Seeking Protection

Look at these legs. The front ones in particular.

I took that photo moments after 2007 Horse of the Year Curlin won the Stephen Foster Handicap on Saturday. It was a Herculean accomplishment. He carried at least 10 more pounds than any other horse in the race, and for most, he conceded 15 or more pounds. Watching Curlin's long, relaxed stride as he rolled past in the stretch, you'd have thought he was out for a romp in the park. He did it easy and he did it happy. And this half-ton boy did all that on those legs you see up there.

Starr Ann and I promised to stay on top of what the horse racing industry does to make breeding saner, racing safer, and life better for thoroughbred horses. So far, they're making all the right noises. Here's the latest:

Ban on Steroids, Toe Grabs Recormmended
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by Blood-Horse Staff
Date Posted: June 17, 2008
Last Updated: June 17, 2008

The Thoroughbred Safety Committee announced June 17 that it is recommending the elimination of steroids in race training and racing, a ban on toe grabs, and a series of whip-related reforms, all aimed at improving safety and integrity in Thoroughbred racing.

You can click here to read the details.

Anyway, we aren't about to forget. And if these reforms fall by the side, or if the changes don't keep on coming, we're ready to turn up the volume. But one thing we won't do is turn our backs.

Curlin about 15 minutes before the race:

And right after being doused before going to the winner's circle:

And since this is a lesbian blog, we can't let some big boy have the whole post. Here's a pretty little girl who won the very next race, The Mint Julep Handicap. This champion filly is Dreaming of Anna. Now, what self-respecting lesbian has never dreamed of Anna?