Thursday, August 21, 2008

E is for Excellent

This is Blog Appreciation Week over at Bloggingham Palace and for some reason, Mimi honored us with one of her E is for Excellence awards. Well, we told her our E wouldn't be a silent one, and we meant it.

It's kinda like a meme award, because when you get it, you're supposed to pass it on by naming 10 blogs you think deserve an E for Excellence.

Well, Starr Ann challenged me to take things one step further. Starr Ann said wouldn't it be innerestin' to expand our bloggy horizons by picking 10 categories and then going out there and finding an Excellent blog within each one. So, that's what we're doing.

Here are our categories:

1. Horses
2. Astronomy
3. Sailing
4. Environmentalism
5. Physics
6. Flash Fiction (I think I already found this one)
7. A blog written from Iran
8. Running (human) (Heh)
9. A blog by a firefighter
10. Bartending

If anybody already knows an excellent blog on any of these themes, just shoot an email to:

Wish us luck! This might take a week or two.