Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If A Duck Rode A Horse...

Of course, we've all been curious. Who among us cowgirls hasn't asked herself at one time or another: If a Duck rode a horse, what kind of horse would she ride and what would she name it?

Well, sometimes it take two blogs to mine life's intricacies. Extensive research and no small number of emails between Happy Hands Ranch and the exotically located Ducks of Happiness have led to an amazing breakthrough in the Horse of a Duck conundrum.

Meet Herbert the Horse, Duck's light purple stallion! Isn't he grand? Starr Ann and I cannot wait to introduce Oatmeal and Trickster to Herbert. He's different, but aren't we all.

And speaking of different, and in the same way we all are, if you haven't already treated yourself to Duck's offbeat, sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant writing, you might want to saddle up right away and head over to her place.

Oh, and while you're there, be sure to welcome her to The Posse. Yep. Duck's another fine woman who's hot on the trail, and she's ridin' with us!