Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nude Photography

My best friend Starr Ann (hi, Starr Ann) has this idea about nature photography. She thinks it's best to do it au naturelle. So, since the weather was real cool last night, meaning there were no mosquitoes about, Starr Ann got our camera equipment out and took her clothes off.

She said, "Come on, Assistant Margo, let's go trap some photons."

And yes, the Chief Photographer does require her assistant to undress as well. So, there we were, feeling fresh, feeling natural, tromping around at the edge of the woods behind our barn, looking for wildlife. Even though it was dusk and everything, the baby deer were nowhere in sight. And even though we'd just an hour earlier put out critter food, neither the possums, nor skunks, nor raccoons had shown up yet.

The only ones cooperating last night were Oatmeal (who said geldings don't have fun?) up there at the top and Chappy, one of the barn cats.

Here's Chappy practicing one of his interpretive dance routines. He calls this one, I Ain't The Daddy.

So, just when we were about ready to call it quits and headed back up to the house, we spotted this lovely bit of wildlife sitting on the back of our truck.

Yep. That's Erin, from the airport. We met her about a year ago on Starr Ann's birthday. Dang. I still don't even know whether she's straight or not, and she makes me real nervous, so my heart kinda got going when we spotted her there waiting for us. So nervous, I forgot Starr Ann and I were in our photography outfits, until Starr Ann whispered, "There's a leaf stuck in the sweat on your right nipple, Margo. Brush it off before we get close enough for Erin to see it."


There was nothing to do but try to act normal. Which I think I could have done better if Jody hadn't shown up about then. She said hi to Erin and me and then whisked Starr Ann into the house and prolly upstairs for Goddess knows what. So there I was, naked and trapped alone with this woman who's been intriguing me for almost a year now. What an ice breaker.

I started us walking back toward the run-in shed at the other edge of the woods and said, "Wanna see the baby deer?"

Erin very pointedly looked down at my whole self and smiled. "Is 'baby deer' a euphemism I'm not familiar with?"

Right as she said that, I snapped this smug, evil look on her face.