Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why The Rush?

Notice how nearly every mainstream media news article about the administration's economic bailout has the word "speedy," or "immediate," or "quickly?" There's a reason for that.

This bunch of thugs the American voters let slip through the White House doors eight years ago aren't surprised by what's happened on Wall Street. They knew it was coming.

Just as surely as Bush and company standing in the ashes of the World Trade Center vowing to protect America was a prelude to demolishing our constitutional rights, they now stand atop the ruins of Wall Street vowing to protect America as a prelude to dealing the final blow to America as it could have been. The bailout is being rushed past us for one reason only: It gives unprecedented power to the Executive Branch.

If we allow the worst administration in the history of the United States to hurry this world-changing reorganization of the American economy past us, the neocons will have accomplished every single atrocity on their agenda.

Regardless of what the headlines are screaming, there's enough time to allow Congress to fight against the economic coup underway. Only thing is, with the election so close, everybody's running too scared to speak truth to popularity.