Sunday, November 29, 2009

Git Along Little Doggies

Let's just say my best friend Starr Ann and I have been on a really long cattle drive, okay? And let's fire things up here again by us telling a few tall tales about all the amazing sights we saw out there in them wide open spaces.

First item to make very clear is that the cattle drive didn't involve any cattle. As vegetarians, if Starr Ann and I were going to hit the trail and drive anything to market it'd have to be soy burgers or hydrogenated whey or some other delicious form of off-the-hoof protein. So the cattle drive (wink, wink) was mainly just us traveling around meeting people, solving mysteries, and generally exploring possibilities.

We pushed along at the grueling pace of two or three miles a day, making it up the Ohio River along River Road, across the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge and into Indiana in just our third week!

By mid-summer, we were all the way up in Floyds Knobs (swear that's the name of a real place), and figured at that point the drive had achieved odyssey proportions, so we turned the herd (wink) for home. Got back early last week and now, after taking time to rest and recharge, I think Starr Ann and I are just about ready to start sharing our exploits.

But first, let's start off with an oldie but goodie to stir up them herding (nudge) instincts.