Monday, April 28, 2008

YeeHaa and Namaste

My best friend Starr Ann (hi, Starr Ann) found this on the Internet. Yep, Starr Ann does surf. Only thing is, she's so...shall we say...'security conscious,' it's a wonder she actually navigates anywhere beyond here and The Onion. Starr Ann's addicted to The Onion. If I told you how many times she's had me read this one again, you'd think I was lying. But I wouldn't be.

Anyway, Starr Ann found this site, and just about lost it. I mean, sometimes all that California, love/acceptance/sushi stuff gets us to laughing real hard. So, she called me over to look at the screen, and since we were in irreverence mode from reading The Onion, we started right in with how the horses look a little alpha-wavy and how exactly would one achieve downward dog from a saddle anyway?

Starr Ann said, "Okay, let's read the propaganda here. Let's see, it says prices are based on double occupancy, and they'll place you with a roommate if you don't have a travel companion." Both of Starr Ann's eyebrows went up (she can't do that lesbian one-eyebrow thing) and she whistled real soft.

I pushed her hand away from the mouse and scrolled down. I quoted, "Come join a couple of Bozeman cowgirls for yoga and fun in and out of the saddle. We'll explore the link between yoga and riding to improve not only your saddle skills, but also your overall well-being."

"In and out of the saddle? You're making that up, Margo."

"Am not! Read it for yourself."

She did, and after verifying the part I'd said, Starr Ann started reading, "The indescribable experience of connecting with such an awe-inspiring animal is the memory we want you to return home with."

Somehow, we didn't feel like poking fun anymore. "Please tell me they're not talking about the horses."

"Margo, I'm suddenly thinking we really could benefit from more body awareness." She scrolled down to the instructor pictures. "And I very much want to learn to relinquish accepted concepts. And from the bottom of my soul, I feel the need to, to..." she glanced back at the screen, " respond authentically to the moment. I feel that so strongly."

So, Jodie, Starr Ann, and I are going to be out of town for a while in late June. When we get back, we hope to be noticeably more calm and bendy. Heh.