Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breaking The Silence

Dang, it hurts when you rip the duct tape from your mouth, but it's real good to be able to talk again! Blog silence isn't easy.

Anyway, here in Kentucky, our Saturday protest for Marriage Equality brought out a few dedicated activists. Starr Ann and I are so proud of everybody who didn't stay home taking a warm Saturday afternoon nap, but came downtown to protest in an off-and-on drizzly 38-degree day.

Just look at the commitment!

When it came to chanting and cheering and smiling, that mean old weather couldn't beat us down.

Some of us showed up with attitude.

Some showed up to keep their ideals alive.

A few showed up ready to do this marryin' thang right away.

Some fine people braved the elements because they realize our freedom is also theirs.

I even spotted the woman who makes the words "To have and to hold" come to life for me...

But mostly, it was an afternoon of assertion, joy, and belief that someday soon we'll share equally in the rights and privileges of this country we love, pay taxes in, and in whose armed forces many of us lay down our lives.