Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Starr Ann Has A Dream!

Dang. That title sounds kinda momentous, which I guess is fitting, given how momentous this day will be. But what I meant to write was that Starr Ann had a dream. Last night. She had a dream. I'd go back and change the title, but to tell the truth, I've never really figured out how to work the eraser on this thing. That's right! Rather amazing to run through the entire body of The Starr Ann Chronicles when you consider that, isn't it?

Anyway, last night Starr Ann dreamed about us waiting in this gigantic, winding voter line. She said everybody was real polite, not talking politics, just smiling and acting hopeful.

Then, somebody in the voter line in Starr Ann's dream said she sure hoped she got finished early enough to go get her flu shot. So, all of a sudden, there were these nurses walking up and down the line, wearing old-time nurse hats and carrying big scary needles, calling out like hot-dog hawkers at a ballgame, "Flu shots! Get yer flu shots!"

After Starr Ann and I cast our votes and got the proper distance from the building, these exit pollsters came rushing up to us all breathless, carrying clipboards. Starr Ann and I were excited to be able to tip our hands to the West Coast a little bit, and report how we'd voted. Only thing is, the pollsters didn't ask us anything about our votes. They were more innerested in things like had we heard that Mother Nature was predicting a landslide for Obama and already celebrating Her revised future? Did we get the word yet that the vast majority of people in nearly every nation on the face of the globe were holding their breath, hoping and praying to all their various gods for one last reprieve?

And then the final question they asked us was were we prepared to eschew gloating, forget about the last eight years without forgetting the lessons learned, and try each and every day to find ways to close the gap between ourselves and the people we just don't understand?

Starr Ann said she woke up before we got to answer that last one. Dang.