Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's Get Excited!

You know how you and your friends bat emails back and forth all day, trading funny pictures and pointing out weird, outrageous or bizarre news pieces? You know how entertaining it is to get going on a string of emails where everybody's just so hilarious, irreverent and off-the-wall you find yourself laughing out loud at the arrival of one message, only to have to groan at the next?

Well, I've noticed that's not only a great way to pass time at the keyboard, it's also a great way to evolve ideas.

There's also a brand new Web site where you can do the exact same thing. Paladin, our esteemed Posse pal, has been working her butt off to make the GLBTQ department of A World of Progress Teamzine something special. In fact, the entire talented, dedicated team of Progressives over at AWOP has done an inspired job of creating a place to exchange and evolve ideas.

I heartily recommend visiting AWOP and jumping in on the commentary. The AWOP team has done their part, but the next move is ours. If you have an innerestin' take on politics, the environment, being gay, being straight, being human, etc, please click on a comment button and join in.