Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Starr Ann Is...

Well, not actually FOR SALE, but more like FREE to a GOOD HOME.

Starr Ann's a very innerestin girl, who's not only fun to be around, but she can be real helpful at times. And she looks absolutely smashing in

Only thing is, right now she has a COUPLA THINGS goin' on.

First, there's her Category 5

Plus her recent

Now add all that to the fact that Starr Ann is

the situation for all it's worth, and voilĂ ! We're willing to let her go. To the right home, of course.

The sooner the better. If she makes us rub her feet one more time, or if she sends one more sandwich back to the kitchen because "the pickle is on the ketchup side of the cheese, and the onion is touching the mustard," Jodie and I are thinking of dropping the GOOD HOME stipulation, and just giving her to the first woman who drives up here in a pickup truck. Oh, yeah, you'll need a truck, because Starr Ann isn't about to budge from that sofa. That reminds me, we're throwing in a sofa with the deal.

Anyway, if you want Starr Ann, she's quite available. Hurry. Jodie and I can't wait to head for