Monday, January 14, 2008

Draw, Podnah!

My best friend Starr Ann and I were checking out this cool artist's blog over the weekend, when Starr Ann got that one look on her face. The one that says, 'We need to get more Posse.' Right away, I had to agree.

So far, The Posse doesn't have a visual artist.

Now, Starr Ann thinks she's artistic, and I have to admit that when she's motivated she really can create quite an effect. But have you ever heard of the book titled Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain? Well, Starr Ann's version would be something like Drawing On The Filthy Side Of The Brain. I already wrote about this in detail not long ago, when I did the Blue Tea Meme. Bottom line, I don't really count Starr Ann as being all that artistic.

As for me, I do real good with coloring books, but even there I need the kind with nice thick lines.

Anyway, starting today, a true artist is riding with The Posse! Frannie, from Creatively Flowing, and her beautiful mare Wildwind have agreed to be part of Happy Hands Ranch.

Starr Ann and I are extra excited about this, because Frannie's saddling up just in time for The Posse's big trip today. We're heading out for Lane's Basic Training graduation ceremony. Should be innerestin.

Cowgirl Up, Frannie. Welcome!