Friday, July 11, 2008

Frannie Comes Through - Big Time

Well, it's not every day you can outwit Starr Ann. But with Frannie's (thanks, Frannie) help, I think we did it this time. Starr Ann claimed she had not only found all 14 of the hidden horses in that image, but had also found an extra one! I gave her until noon today to prove that claim, and guess what? That's right! Not a peep after that.

Meanwhile, I was sitting on a covert email message, with the unappealing subject field "Awesome Things About George Bush." Heh. Although Starr Ann, as not only my best friend (hi, Starr Ann), but my System Administrator, has full access to my email, she never even bothered to check that email. Chalk one up for Frannie.

Anyway, Starr Ann did not deliver proof of her own success in finding all those hidden horses, and it's past noon, so I'm posting Frannie's excellent work. Wouldn't you know it would take the eye of an artist to find 'em all!

Thanks, Frannie!

Starr Ann, you're so immature.