Monday, July 28, 2008

Return of the Blue Blazebian!

My best friend Starr Ann (hi, Starr Ann) waltzed in late Sunday evening just as big as you please.

The brat didn't say one word about her bunker or what that algorithm of hers had spit out. She kissed Jodie hello and hugged me, then pointed to the mantelpiece clock and clapped her hands in a chop-chop way. "Whatsa problem here? Where's the laptop. Ya'll forget what night this is?"

Jodie said, "Computer?"

I said, "Forget what?"

Well, Starr Ann put her hands on the hips of her chaps (she had on the beige ones I named Creamy Dreamy) and gave us a disgusted look. "Let me give you a couple hints." She shook out her shoulders, took on this real cute muppet-like face and said, "I want you to have my finger babies."

If we'd have been on email or something, the capital letters would have been flying faster than two tops who've spotted the same lovely bottom headed for a heavy door that's gonna need opening.

But we happened to be functioning in real time, in person, in our living room, so Jodie and I just said, at the same time, "Oh Goddess! It's July 28th! Liz Feldman's new season starts today!" Dang, that was a phenomenally long string of words to say simultaneously. After hanging out together so much this week, Jodie and I are like this.

Anyway, the second season of Liz Feldman's vlog, This Just Out, starts today!