Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Politicians Don't Kill, Voters Do

Life is so sweet. And lighthearted moments are the sweetest ones of all. Starr Ann and I are sometimes amazed at how easy, how important, how endangered true lightheartedness is today. That's why we take it where we can find it, and nurture it with laughter, humor, and hopefully, a little bit of grace.

But keeping the lightness alive also means not deluding ourselves. This is July 8. The Bush administration intends to attack, or at the very least, support an attack on Iran (a NUCLEAR power) before August is over. My friends, in six months, we'll be reading articles that will refer to this very month, day, moment, as part of the run-up to the Iran War.

You don't need our help with your search engine skills. Check it out. Here's just one journalistic alert:

The current tension among political observers as to whether the U.S. and/or Israel will undertake military action against Iran before president Bush leaves office has been greatly intensified by the prospect that Congress will pass a frightening resolution, HR 362, as early as this week.

We should be taking to the streets, but we aren't. Let's at least write, phone, and visit our representatives to let them know we aren't going to stand idly by for another war.

Surely, we're better than this.