Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Blog Christmas Present!

My best friend Starr Ann and I got the most wonderful gift today. It's Riley up there. Actually, we got an email telling us that dlp has sponsored Riley for us through the wonderful organization Best Friends. Thanks, dlp!

Starr Ann tells me dlp worked with Best Friends in their rescue efforts after Katrina, and she has the highest admiration for their methods. Those people just seem to never give up on an animal. They had a ward set up for animals infected with Parvo, and treated them. They had special techniques for handling the animals who were freaked and dangerous. They did surgeries on animals that needed extensive repair.

Whatever the animal's problem, physical or emotional, Best Friends does everything that can be done. And dlp can vouch for that. So, Starr Ann and I are extremely honored to know part of their heroic effort is being supported in our names. We're going to their site today and do some Christmas gifting of our own.

Thanks again, dlp! Starr Ann and I love you.

Oh, and here's Riley's story:

No one can believe this girl's sweet temperament.

She arrived at Best Friends with a dislocated fetlock that hadn't been treated for months. Ouch!

Since arriving here, she's had to go to orthopedic surgeons and endure painful recoveries. And through all this, she has remained the most mellow, gentle horse in the world. Where does she get that unquenchable soft spirit?

Riley was born in 1988. She's a very pretty buckskin who came from a home that wasn't able to take care of her. She's recovering well at Best Friends, and would love to have a sponsor to cheer her on.