Thursday, December 27, 2007

Envision This

Dang, it wasn't easy to put this beast's picture here next to our beautiful Flickerglow and Coat of Arms. But Starr Ann insisted, and she's right.

Our lives are so sweet. We get to shower the women we love with love. We eat well. We enjoy the sensual privilege of touching sleek horse flesh, fluffy cat coats and warm puppy fur. We brave winter's cold from the comfort of thickly padded gear, and extend our muscles in the delightful chores that keep our selves and our animals safe and healthy. We're incredibly lucky. And we firmly believe the Goddess expects us to revel in the joys of life, so we do.

But all is not sweet. Our country tortures people. Our country does tremendous harm in the world. Our tax dollars are at work committing war crimes.

I guess if our peaceful holiday state of mind is too assailable to withstand remembering the bad with the good, then it's not worth having. So, in that spirit, let's envision something useful.