Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's Get Real

Starr Ann's favorite movie is Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yep.

So this morning, Starr Ann was all comfortable in front of my computer, leaning back in my ergonomically engineered Smart Chair, watching her favorite video from Rocky Horror, Sweet Transvestite and, keeping her eyes on the show, she said, "You and I live in an idealized world, Margo."

I was behind her, so she didn't see me roll my eyes. "No joke, Starr Ann. Are you positive?"

"As positive as if I'd just lost an electron."

"I was going for sarcasm, Starr Ann."

"And you just about achieved it, Margo. Anyway, you and I live in an idealized world, and..." Here she paused for one of her favorite moments in the video, the part where Frankenfurter's elevator opens and Janet faints. "...and I think we need to start watching reality TV. We should get ourselves a television for Christmas."

"You're trying to tell me you think reality programming is a good way to get in touch with reality?"


"Then what are you telling me?"

"That watching reality TV is a good way to get in touch with the illusions the general populace are willing to pretend is reality."

I gave up on the conversation right then, because my favorite part of the video was about to happen - the part where Frankenfurter tosses the Dixie cup full of water into the lens and Starr Ann jumps. She jumps at that part every time.

Anyway, we're getting a TV for Christmas!