Saturday, December 22, 2007

Digg is Dead - Let's Just Bury It

Starr Ann and I are pronouncing Digg dead, and we're burying it. Digg is so shallow, it won't take but a coupla shovelfuls to do the job.

Here's the thing. Digg is in the misogyny and homophobia business. Yep. They like to ban blogs like Lesbiatopia. We just heard about that yesterday.

Now we discover Digg has actually banned two members of The Posse. That's right! Seems Just a Girl in Short Shorts thinks a bit too freely for the folks over at Digg. When Starr Ann heard about that she got that one look on her face you never want to see Starr Ann get. Becky C is one free-thinking woman. She's a lesbian without a box. Heh. Sounds bad doesn't it? But what we mean by that is she defies containment. Yep, Becky C does her own thinking on every subject, and the second you think you want to put a label on her, woops! she whirls around and has an opinion (and a well thought out one) that flies in the face of your label. Anyway, Becky C's a Posse member, and for her banning alone, we'd be riding out against Digg.

But get this - today we found out that another Posse member has been banned. Are you ready for this? Cap'n Dyke, who happens to be the sweetest, most dashing, most flirtalicious lesbian in all of blogland, has been banned by Digg. The Posse is definitely saddling up!

Now, if you want all the gory details (and believe us, you do), please visit any of the sites above, plus Lori's Hahn at Home. It's all there.

So, nuff said. Digg is dead. Time for all free-thinking, women-loving, freedom-fighting citizens to bury it. As for the Wal-Mart-shopping, Bush-voting, torture-approving, rights-curtailing factions at large in this country, ya'll can just keep on dealing with Digg's rotting carcass.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled activities. Starr Ann is going over to Jodie's place to indulge in some unnatural acts. All day. This, after all, is their first Christmas together.

I'm kinda thinking along those same lines, so I'm getting ready to call up Celia Susan and invite her for Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed she accepts.