Thursday, December 13, 2007

She's Only In It For The Fun

Guess what? My best friend Starr Ann (hi, Starr Ann) all of a sudden can't cook again!

That's right. This morning, I was all ready for a fancy omelette, prepared with the same expertise as all those dishes Starr Ann served at the party the other night. My vision for the future was that we'd be eating like cowgirl queens from here on out.

Starr Ann sounded kinda evasive. "Hmmm, Margo. I don't really remember exactly how I came up with all that food. The whole day's kinda blurry to me, expecially everything that happened in the kitchen."

I rotated her by the shoulders and escorted her to the stove. "I'll just leave you here alone, so you can create in peace. Oh, and toast with butter would be perfect with my omelette. And some blackberry jelly. And hashbrowns, if you feel like going to the trouble."

So I left Starr Ann to her devices and just hung around the living room, waiting for her to call me to breakfast. Eventually, she did!

Well, the object on my plate was made of eggs, that was undeniable. But calling it an omelette would have been real generous. Usually, you can't drink an omelette, can you? I still had some hope, though. With enough incentive, it does spring eternal, I can vouch for that now. "Um, Starr Ann, you think maybe these eggs have outlived their expiration date?"

She checked the crate. "Nope. They still have 8 good days."

"Dang." Who needed eggs? The hashbrowns were an odd shade of black, but I tried 'em anyway. Error.

Starr Ann studied my face. "Not good, right?"

"Not even edible, Starr Ann. What happened to all the expertise?"

She shrugged, and I'm just about sure the evil thing smiled a little bit. "Don't know."

Well, a couple things went through my mind. One, I'm not here to change Starr Ann, any more than she's here to change me. And two, she's never cooked for me before, so the adjustment wouldn't be huge. So, I inwardly said goodbye to my plans for a live-in gourmet cook, and said, "It must have been a Christmas miracle! A one-time deal of a Christmas miracle!"

Starr Ann did that one self-satisfied, smug little grin and threw her hands in the air. "Yay, a Christmas miracle!"

After our pop tarts, we went outside to take care of the animals. And if the rain lets up later, we think we're going over to Jodie's for lunch.