Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Comin' Through

Jodie Diamond is either brilliant or crazy. It might take me a while to figure out which.

You already know about how Jodie and my best friend Starr Ann have spent the past month making bonobos look like a bunch of uptight Baptists. Well, yesterday afternoon, Jodie upped the ante in a way that leaves me sitting here waiting for Starr Ann to come home and wondering what in the world I'm going to say to her when she does.

I was cleaning the barn as Jodie rode up on her pretty chestnut mare Amelia. Starr Ann had left early to check the water supply in her bunkers and it was the time of day when Jodie is usually working on her book. So I was a little surprised to see her fine looking self.

After turning Amelia out in the pasture with Trickster, Jodie said, "Let me help you finish your chores, then how about some lunch?"

I had to say no to both. "You're too cleaned up to muck stalls, but you can keep me company while I finish. And, sorry, but Doc Blaine is due in an hour to take a look at Lightning's hoof."

Jodie considered her red shirt, good jeans and best boots then took a quick glance at the clock up over the tack room. She nodded her head once and smiled. "Fine."

Jodie sure can weave together a charming conversation. I was sailing through those stalls, barely noticing the work, laughing at Jodie's very dry humor and treating myself to long spells of contact with her happy, pretty eyes. She made some remark I didn't quite catch, and when I asked her to repeat, she hopped down from her perch on the shedrow rail and crossed over to stand in the stall doorway.

It all happened real fast. I needed the rake I'd left standing outside the other stall, and as I maneuvered past Jodie in the doorway, she shifted just enough to block my way. I laughed, but Jodie didn't.

What I'm going to have to admit to Starr Ann is that I didn't think one second about her being so wild about Jodie. All of a sudden, Jodie was pressing me against the door frame and that irresistible chemical change took us both over and stopping was not an option. Fully clothed, jean seam to jean seam sex isn't all that romantic, but it can sure be intense.

I'm not proud of the fact that Starr Ann didn't even enter my mind until it was all over. And I assumed Jodie had been caught as much off guard as I had. Not so.

We still had our arms around each other and she spoke first. "Margo, I can explain why I came over here for this today."

Right that second, here comes Doc Blaine's truck roaring up just outside the barn door. Jodie stayed long enough to get introduced to the Doc and say she'd be giving her a call pretty soon to arrange for Amelia's fall shots. We didn't have another moment alone before Jodie saddled up and rode off toward her place.

Starr Ann should be home any minute now.