Friday, September 28, 2007


Jodie came riding up all enthused and said she had a photo we needed to see. It was that one up there. She said, "I saw it and thought of you, Starr Ann. Doesn't it look just like her, Margo?"

It absolutely does. Not in a physical way, of course. I mean, where are the dimples? Where's that dusty, careless assurance? Anyway, Starr Ann's eyes don't bug out like that. But the spirit of the little satisfied monster is pure Starr Ann. Funny how a strong underlying likeness can make you unlearn the differences that are right before your eyes.

Anyway, we all agree that picture captures something of Starr Ann's animal self.

Which brings us to the book I finished yesterday. It's the second in a two-part series, so if I'm going to tell you about it (and it's starting to look like I am) maybe we should begin with the first one.

The 100th Generation takes us into the desert with Egyptologist Valerie Foret. Valerie's a scientist, a lesbian with thriving appetites, and an atheist - not your first guess for who the nature gods would choose to help them make their big comeback on the religious stage, where the various monotheisms have been, frankly, bombing for the last few thousand years. But Valerie is exactly who the gods select.

That's it. That's all you're getting of the details. I don't enjoy synoptic reviews, and if you're half the cowgirl I think you are (that goes for you guys, too), then you don't like synoptic reviews either.

Let me just say this by way of further recommendation. Starr Ann and Jodie are sitting outside under our big elm tree right now, reading The 100th Generation. When they saw how awestruck I was after finishing the second book, Vulture's Kiss, they went out right away and got an extra copy of each so they could read together. Isn't that sickeningly cute of them?

Anyway, judging by the way they're both actually reading, and not tumbling all over each other (and it's been a whole hour), I'd say the author, Justine Saracen, has their full attention.

After reading Book One, I even emailed Ms. Saracen to congratulate her on the accomplishment. She was utterly charming, and extended herself quite beyond the usual author-to-fan conversation. To tell you the truth, though, after finishing Book Two, I'll need to work up some nerve to email her again. She's kinda bigger than life for me right now.

So, since those two will be pacified for the rest of the day, I'll go see what kind of trouble I can get into.

I have a wish for each of you today. May you get in touch with your pussycat self. And may it get cookie.