Saturday, September 1, 2007

Starr Ann Beneath The Stars

Starr Ann and Jodie Diamond showed up at LouLou's last night. Jodie says we will no longer stash Starr Ann far beneath the Earth's surface during her period. Personally, I think Jodie will live to regret that admirable intention.

They walked in right as I was launching into that little falsehood I mentioned yesterday - the one where I was going to make up a rollicking cowgirl sex scene between Starr Ann and me to entertain the saloon ladies with. As I mentioned, it wouldn't be a real lie because I was going to tell them the truth after a few minutes.

So, I'm just starting out with, "One night, Starr Ann and I were camping out, lying there being real quiet, when Starr Ann rolls my way and settles herself across my thigh, and..."

There they were at the door. Starr Ann and Jodie. I looked at Jodie, Jodie looked at Starr Ann, Starr Ann looked at me, I looked at Jodie. Jodie said, "Margo, you hold back one detail and I'm going to make the two of you act it out for us, ya hear?"

Everybody moved over so Starr Ann and Jodie could get comfortable and I continued.

My idea was to keep everything in the realm of inuendo, leaving a lot to the ladies' imaginations. I'd just gotten to the part where I insinuated (I've noticed it's almost mandatory to 'insinuate' something somewhere in these types of stories) my trembling ('trembling' is apparently also quite effective) hand between her legs, when Starr Ann pipes in with, "Merciful fuck! I was never so wet in all my life."

So much for subtle. After that, Starr Ann interjected so often, I finally turned the whole thing over to her to tell. She did such a good job, I got all caught up in it and kinda forgot it didn't really happen.

Then Jodie started reminding Starr Ann of some of the finer details, like when Jodie said, "Isn't this where Margo comes so hard two of the tent stakes pulled loose?"

Starr Ann paused a second, with her fingertips resting real dainty-like at the base of her throat, like she was thinking, and said, "No, the fist fucking was before that."

Jodie raised her hands, palms outward, and said, "You're absolutely right. My mistake."

By the time those two were through, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I eventually recovered to the point where I remembered the whole thing never really happened, and I told everybody that fun was fun, but we'd made it all up. Starr Ann and Jodie exchanged a glance and then turned to me with expressions that said they felt real sorry for me. Jodie said, "No need to feel embarrassed, Margo, we're all friends here." Then she introduced herself to LouLou and the girls. Guess we forgot that step in all the excitement.

Well, the harder I tried to do the right thing by admitting we'd been having a bit of sport telling that story, the more repressed and inhibited Starr Ann and Jodie made me look. I finally said, "Yes, yes, okay, it was a magical night, Starr Ann."

Everybody seemed to accept that and we all trooped downstairs to raid the refrigerator.