Monday, September 24, 2007

Sixty-Nine Ways To Make A Cowgirl Smile - numbers eleven to twenty

Starr Ann thought up four of these, Jodie wrote three, and the other three are mine. One viewer (you know who you are) emailed a suggestion that even WE couldn't bring ourselves to print. Goddess! I love the five superb women who read our blog.
[The First Ten]

11. Only laugh at her jokes when they're funny.

12. Never buy her a hat. That's too personal a choice.

13. When she asks you to dinner, bring treats for the dogs instead of wine.

14. Let her see when you're feeling bashful.

15. Do something to make her feel bashful.

16. Help her clean the tack.

17. Keep track of her cycle, and proceed accordingly.

18. When she thinks up a fun game, play it with her.

19. Let her overhear you having a philosophical discussion with the cats.

20. Ask your horse to be nice to her horse.