Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It's a darn good thing our northern border is securely anchored to Canada, what with all the heavyweight politicians killing themselves to get down to New Orleans over the next two days. Hey, hypocrites! Photo op in the Ninth Ward!

Well, somebody has to be there to heckle them, so Starr Ann, Jodie, and I are on our way.

Only hitch is, Starr Ann is PMSing. Send a good thought to Jodie and me, will you? I usually try to trick Starr Ann into spending most of her time in one of her underground shelters on these 'delcate days.' But the Katrina anniversary has taken away that option. Will the damage never stop?

Got my saddlebag laptop and lots of WiFi zones along the way, so no worries about keeping in touch. In fact, if you've been reading our blog you already know how I have raved about the liberal lefty site The 'Tude, right?

Well, in a lapse of judgment, the fine people who run that asylum asked me to join them. So I did. Craziest bunch of smart alecky straight people (hi, Glenda) I ever knew. We'll be smackin' down on FEMA, Brownie's heck of a job, Brownie's boss, and Gonzo's proposed replacement all day at The 'Tude today and tomorrow. Come on over there for a visit.

Gotta go. Starr Ann is scrounging in the saddlebags for more chocolate. Not a good sign.