Friday, August 24, 2007

We Won A Pissy!

My best friend Starr Ann and I are proud to receive this dubious extreme honor.

Starr Ann could not be present to accept, because she's spending the day rolling around like trash with Jodie Diamond. I speak for both of us when I say that she definitely got the better assignment here.

But I do want to thank Lori, the charming creator of Hahn at Home (and a budding fiction writer) for deeming us worthy of this here Pissy.

Being new to these parts of the Intertube, Starr Ann and I don't have five whole friends to pass the prize on to yet. But we'll be on sharp lookout.

Hang on, my cell is ringing.

It's Starr Ann. Using Jodie's phone. I type real fast, so I'm just going to stream her remarks for you. Here goes!

"Margo, this is unbelievably exciting...harder, Jodie...What? We won something? Is there money?...yes sweetheart, right there...An award? For what?...out just a little, darling...Margo, I gotta go. Say whatever comes to your mind."

There you have it - directly from a big puddle of Jodie-Starr Ann soup. Those two crazy kids! Once their brains are out, they'll be as communicative and lucid as ever, I'm sure.

So, once again, we will covet this as if it were worth more than it is.

Think I'll spend the afternoon cleaning tack and making the horses shine. Maybe get out my favorite saddle, the one I named Sigourney, and take a long ride.