Thursday, August 30, 2007

Saloon Girls Are Nice

With a long holiday weekend ahead, I'm saddling up Trickster and riding into town to spend a few days up over the saloon with LouLou and her girls.

You know that old myth about how saloon ladies like to dote and fuss over a loner lesbian cowgirl? That ain't so much a myth as it is a red hot truth.

It's a 5-hour ride to LouLou's, but as I've mentioned before, the time just flies by once you get your jeans seam sitting in the saddle just right.

Cannot wait to tell the ladies about the new cyberfriends Starr Ann and I have made. It amazes us to think what a short time we've been here.

I'll for sure be talking a blue streak about my new buddies at The 'Tude (hi, Hill, hi, Marie). You all know how many times I've raved here about that site. Hill's from Drippin' Texas, and I'm trying to work up the nerve to ask her to send out my Christmas cards from there this year. I truly covet the Drippin' postmark. Marie's a professor (like Jodie, except I'm almost positive Marie has NOT been 'doing the fandango' with Starr Ann) with a killer sense of humor and a big ol' attitude that she isn't afraid to share.

Throughout the weekend, I'll be keepin' a sharp lookout for Lori's ideal woman. You hang in there, Lori. I know it's an emergency. (Remember, Lori darlin', to keep up the fluids intake too. It'd be a shame if you were all weak and dehydrated once I find her for you). Bless Lori's heart, she has this notion of waiting, this time, for the girl of her dreams. Whatever.

And the ladies'll be fascinated to hear all about Cap'n Dyke. If you're ever out on the high seas, or high out on the seas, and you get hit by a gale force gust of female energy, that'd be Th'Cap'n. Starr Ann turned 4 shades of green this week when Me Fine Strappin' Cap'n (that's my own personal endearment, so please don't use it yourself) promoted me to Th'Mound. I am now Cap'n Dyke's Keeper o'SuperPowers. You'll find our lovely B'Moundin' Ceremony in the comments under Jodie's White Knight.

So, I'm off! Heh. And I be leavin' (dang, that pirate talk is catchin'). I mean, I'll be leaving for LouLou's in a few minutes.

Where's Starr Ann? It's her 'moon time' so she's off to one of her bunkers with a bottle of ibuprofen, my laptop, and an armload of questionable reading material. She'll be back to normal by Monday.

Don't worry, I'll still be posting. Whenever I stay at LouLou's, Angelique lets me use her laptop when her lap is busy elsewhere.