Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rain and Fire

So here we sit, rain pouring down outside, viewing the Southern California inferno. Usually, Starr Ann and I have little patience with spectator news. And we didn't quite understand why keeping up with this was so compelling.

As Starr Ann clicked around to various sites, I noticed she paused real often to hug and kiss on Bates. I knew she was thinking about all the animals getting left behind.

Starr Ann pulled up one story and snickered. "Help's on the way, Margo. President Bush is going to fly out there today."

"What's he gonna do, pee out of the plane? Because he surely doesn't have the will or the smarts to actually manage a crisis."

Starr Ann said, "Actually, these are rich people caught in the middle this time. They'll get all the help they need. Not like they're mostly black. Not like they're mostly poor." She clicked again. "Check out this blog."

I read that and, yeah, it made sense. I said, "But I still wonder why we're sitting here following this so closely."

Starr Ann navigated away from that page and landed on another one that made here swivel around to face me. "Here's why."

I took a look, and had to admit, "Maybe so."