Saturday, October 13, 2007

It Was No Dream

I must have been sleeping hard, because I never even heard Starr Ann come into my room. First I knew about her being with me was when the bed rocked.

She scooted up real close behind me and I was sure she was getting all cuddly and confidential so I'd tell her about her birthday present. Then in one smooth shift and graceful move she had us in a place we'd never been to with each other.

All those times we'd tried to get together like this, we'd done it wrong. Kissing and trying to force a mood always made us laugh or get embarrassed. Yes, we should have known to do just like this.

It was slow. It was exquisite. And it was Starr Ann.

Right before the world went perfect, the thought that this might be the only time in our whole lives we ever did this made me turn in the dark to face her.

So smooth, so easy, we got situated again. She said, "Nice to be back, Margo."

Oh. Yes, of course. I said, "Didn't expect you until tomorrow, Celia Susan."

"Well, I was kinda anxious. Starr Ann let me in. Her idea for me to surprise you."

It was slow. It was exquisite. It wasn't Starr Ann.