Monday, October 15, 2007

Sixty-Nine Ways To Make A Cowgirl Smile - Numbers 41-50

Starr Ann, Jodie and I cannot believe we're already to Way #50. But here they are. Feel free to make liberal use of them. Gotta spread those smiles around.
[The First Ten]

41. Be hard to tame.

42. Share a sunrise with her.

43. Follow her around all day and share the corresponding sunset with her.

44. On a warm day, after topping horse waters, squirt her with the hose. Sure, she'll tackle you, roll you around in the dirt, maybe get a little rough, but she'll eventually smile for you.

45. Cover her with kisses.

46. Entrust her with all your passwords.

47. Be ready. For anything.

48. Once in a while, when she asks you what you're thinking about, try not to say Tina Fey. Even if you are, which you probably will be.

49. Don't shut her out.

50. Don't fence her in. Ever.