Monday, October 1, 2007

Sixty-Nine Ways To Make A Cowgirl Smile - Numbers 21-30

As always, Starr Ann, Jodie and I conducted extensive field research to back up our claims that these ways do, indeed, produce genuine cowgirl smiles. Trust us. We're happy to note that this week's list features a 'guest item.' Celia Susan sent it in. It'll probably be just about impossible to tell which one.

[The First Ten]

21. Call her your podna.

22. Be real quiet and hold her hand.

23. Never pick flowers for her. Drag her outside to see where they're growing.

24. Notice when her hair has been trimmed (and also her nails).

25. Be real tricky. She'll love that.

26. Find out where she's ticklish and use it to win at wrestling.

27. Drop fair hints about what you want for your birthday.

28. Never run out of tequila.

29. Tie her across the saddle stand and be very nice to her until she begs for mercy.

30. Learn stuff about stars to tell her on long midnight walks.